Swollen eye! Please help


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Hey everyone,
Yesterday I noticed Mr. Mystopholees' left eye appeared swollen and now today it is completely shut. I just recently started free-ranging him and I suspect that he has gotten dust in his eyes from the air conditioning unit. I've tried to contact my local exotic vet practice, but they are closed on Tuesdays (and quite worthless in general, from my experience with them). If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it a great deal--Thanks!

Your Chameleon - Ambanja panther, male, 5 months in my care
Handling - once a day for a short period of time (if necessary)
Feeding - Crickets and mealworms
Supplements - Exo-Terra calcium suppliment in water
Watering - Dripper, misting....frequently see chameleon drinking
Fecal Description - Healthy feces; no parasite testing
History - Recently began free-ranging
You do realize eye issue can also be caused by lack of proper supplementation. I see that you arent using plain calcium dust or calcium with D3, also your missing a multivitamin dust also. You should be using the following supplementation schedule.
1. plain calcium dust at most feedings/ lightly dust, do not coat them
2. calcium w/d3 -used every other week./2x a month
3. multivitamin dust-(ex herptivite or minerall) used 1 or 2 times a month

Adding calcium to a standing cup/bowl of water isnt going to get that cham any nutrients. Do you gutload your feeders? If not you need to research gutloading and begin feeding your cricks and mealworms with fresh fruits and veggies daily. A good dry gutload formula is cricket crack a forum member makes it. His name on the forum is Ssimsswiss.
u can use a drop of plain saliene solution in the eye to help clean out any debris and moisturize the eye.
Thanks everyone! Now I may need some more advice....

Thanks for all the advice...I tried the saline and it worked well but I still ended up taking him to the local exotic vet--and I completely retract my earlier comment regarding their competency! He's actually the best vet I've seen and even offered to make a house-call at 9pm that night!

Anyways, he put my lil guy to sleep and washed out his eye....then sent me home with 3 different types of medication and an every-other day syringe eye wash. How can I administer the oral medication? And also, would anyone be concerned about the amount of stress he'll incur with so many treatments/probings a day?

Ps--I'm also switching to the dusting of Calcium +D3! Thanks!
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