Swollen ankles.


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Hi everyone,

I've got a year old male vieled chameleon and his ankles are swollen. I dont think it's MBD because i give him his suppliments about twice a week. He has only been in this cage for about 9 months and i am just about to change out his repti-glo 5.0 light. Both his back ankles are swollen and his front ones seem to be swelling now too! Whats happening?

I think you are right about it not being MBD because you are giving him his
supplements, but what I think you are experienceing is to MUCH supplementation!! I am no vet though so you might want to here other
opinions first!! How much supplement are you giving him and what kind of
supplements are you using?? Try to give him lots of water and maybe back
off your supplements awhile!!
Swollen ankles/joints often is an indication of gout. A vet can run tests and tell you.

"In most cases gout is a result of suboptimal hydration and not increased protein breakdown. Diets that are excessively high in protein can lead to a greater occurrence of gout in captive chameleons but this is also usually related to suboptimal hydration. Chameleon kidneys lack the loop of henle and as such cannot concentrate and pass urine when water intake is low."

"Excess vitamin D3 supplementation especially in combination with calcium may result in organ toxicity. Metastatic calcification and gout are common results. Gular edema or pseudo gout is a common clinical sign of these problems. The pseudo-gout (calcium hydroxyapatite) deposits usually appear as irregular firm swellings over joints in the limbs and on ribs."

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You guys hit the nail on the head. It is gout. I am going to cut back on the suppliments and i will be sure he gets extra extra extra water. I feed his crickets Wild eyed reptiles food but i am going to try raw veggies. I hope its not too late.

...I will try to post a picture by tomorrow.

Thanks everyone.
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