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i was recently given a research paper from a ISU student. He purchased a Vc from me and the otherday brought me this paper and said " you will find this interesting ". so i read this title NUTRITIONAL BONE DISEASE IN JUVENILE VEILED CHAMELEONS AND ITS PREVENTION (The Journal of Nutrition.Bethseda: Nov 2010 vol 140 iss. 11). the study was done on 56 chameleons divided into 6 groups from and documented from birth to the age of 6 months.

NO - no uvb or supplements
UVB - no supplements
CaA - Calcium and VitA
CaAUV - Calcium, VitA and UVB
CaAD - Calcium, VitA and d3
CaADUV - Calcium, VitA, d3 and UVB

A few Tid Bits of the article that i thought some of you would find interesting.

1.Suprisingly group CaA had the highest concentration of VitA. It might be related to either a antagonistic interaction or interactions in the liver storage.

2.They found that the groups with uv had higher liver vitd concentration.

3.Chameleons not exposed to radiation were comparably low in VitD, independently of dietary supplemented with VitD, indicates that the intestinal absorbtion of VitD was less important than exposure to UVB.

4.When Ca and VitA was provided, the chameleons did not develop NMBD, independently of additional uvb and/or dietary VitD. They still highly recommend the use of uvb for many other reasons.
I find #4 to be unexpected and wonder what they used as a source of vitamin A and what they fed the insects.
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