supplementing 3 month old panther...


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hey i wanted to know if this supplementing schedule is okay for my 3 month old panther???mon & thurs herptivite,tues & fri d3 and wed & sat no d3???this is the supplementing schedule liddy from krammers gave me and i am not saying it wrong or going against her word but its kind of seems like alot of supplementing...has any one else raised a cham on this type of dusting schedule?i just want to make sure im not over supplementing my little guy...:)...
yes, I also was following the Kammer schedule as I got my cham from them too. I cut back on the d3 due to the fact that My cham gets lots of sunshine outside everyday. I look at it this way, the forum has their way and it works. Obviously the Kammers works too. Only thing I have to say is they use the Repcal d3 and that has the highest level of d3 of all of the supplements most people use so I think it is kind of excessive. I also cut back on the multi also but used their schedule for about the first 3 or 4 months I got him. He has turned out fine and healthy. It really is up to you.
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