supplementation for outdoor chams


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???supplementation for outdoor chams???

I live in VA, where I can keep my Veiled (1 male & 3 female; future breeders) & Jackson's (2 male & 2 female; breeders) Chams outside from May - September. I was wondering what & when I may need to provide vitamins & D3, etc... during this time. They are in separate cages with their free range food. (crickets, cockroaches, waxworms, superworms, waxmoths, etc.. I also put out assorted baby foods for the Veiled.) The insects are fed fluker's hi-calcium cricket food, Iam's dogfood, oats, & assorted vegetables. thanx.
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An outdoor housed cham does not need any D3 supplements at all.

Jackson's require 1/2 the supplements Veileds need.

Veiled schedule:
Daily calcium without D3 or phosphorus
2x a month multivitamin supplement
Add calcium with D3 2x a month when housed indoors

Jackson's schedule:
Every other feeding calcium without D3 or phosphorus
1x a month multivitamin (such as Reptivite without D3--they make a multi with D3 also)
Add calcium with D3 1x a month when housed indoors.

You do need to be careful housing Jackson's outdoors, since they can't take higher temps but need high humidity.
To see the preferred temp and humidity ranges, here are the caresheets for Jackson's
and Veileds
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