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Hi everybody. I have a few questions about superworms. I was feeding super worms to my male veiled kiwi for about 4 or 5 months. Recently I have stopped because of the biting. I am super paranoid about my little guy getting bit by one. when I was feeding them they would sometime get on the side of his head or face and loosely latch on. he has never been bit but I did not want to risk it. should I feed them or should I be concerned about biting. Oh and should I feed the super worm beetles I know they eat beetles in the wild but are the super worm beetles healthy. thank you for the help:).


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Many people say they crush their jaws.... not really sure how, but you could try that. I dont feed super worms so I'm not too informed on worm vs. Beetle 🙂

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Yeah hi I've never used superworms for this reason I do use pachnoda grubs ,not sure if bitting would be any different 🤔 but only feed 1 a week as a treat and 2 waxworms. As for the bettles haven't a clue 🤣 I suppose it would depend on size but also maybe chitin levels. Or hornworms as all 3/4 are only treats.


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It never hurts to buy feeders a size down. Instead of feeding one or two big bugs that might do some damage to your cham if bitten, you could feed several smaller super worms that have a smaller chance of hurting your cham. How often do you feed super worms?

As for the beetles:
My understanding is that they are safe to eat as long as they are the appropriate size for your chameleon. These beetles tend to get pretty big and could pose a choking hazard as noted by one member in the first thread below. Summarizing all the threads and websites below, they are safe to feed.

(3) let them pupate,have left in your kitchen.
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