Some people leave them out all summer depending on temperatures and climate. I take mine out occasionally for a couple of hours(1-4). Really when I am doing stuff in the yard so I can keep a distant eye on them.
Depends what you mean by "Sunning Cage" if you mean a cage that is completely filled with sun, then my answer would be never and not for even a minute. A chameleon should never not have the option to hide in thick vegetation and the shade.
no i always fill his cage that i use for sunning with a thick hibiscus plant where he can choose to bask in the light or hide in the shade i just wanted to know how long people set there chameleons out in the sun
Id think most people that take their chameleons outside would leave them outside all day.

Ive never heard of a sunning cage for chameleons. They thrive outside, so, if you can keep them safely outside for a decent amount of the year, you should try to.
I have a dedicated sunning cage. It is, quite simply, the outside cage that I put my panther in when weather conditions permit. My area does not boast climate temperatures 24 hours a day for even the summer months, so my chameleons cannot live outside for any part of the year.

Basically, I watch the temperatures. When the temps get above 70ish, I put him out. If they go above 90, I bring him in. My cham never stays out when I am not home and never stays out all night. There are too many predators in my area that are completely willing to rip open a screen cage for a tasty treat. In the cities and more congested areas, I would worry about theft. Honestly, I wonder how many people are actually able to leave their animals out for part or all of the year. I am willing to guess it is a small number.

I think the name "sunning cage" quite nicely describes the outside cages many of us maintain for use on sunny/warm days.

When it's nice and warm outside (which is not that often in England!) I put my chameleon outside in exo terra flexarium. It is made of a mesh material and I have filled it with bendy bark and plants. He usually spends the majority of the summer in there when it's warm enough, and I bring him in at night.
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