suggestions to my setup


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hey i was wondering if you guys could suggest anything about my set up look in my gallery in my profile to see there arent that great of pics of the set up so anything u guys can suggest just tell me
I cant tell what your cage is sitting it the floor. If it is you should buy one of those plastic laundry tubs and put a bucket under it to catch water. With all the dripping and misting you do you will end up with wet carpet and mold under it if you don't have something big to catch all the water. Those tubs are usually 20-30 bucks and you can build a cabinet around it to conceal it.
my bad tub now i know kinda what your talking about but i just dont know how to set it up some pics would help thanks
I would give him some more climbing branches (side to side) and maybe like a medium sized plant to fill some space. They sell garge shelving 4 or 5 high you could put him on the second shelf then put a plastic tub on the first level to catch the drainage. It is pretty cheap and works well as a temporary, tell you find something better or permanent. They sell at Walmart, Lowes...etc. You could get both for about $30. I am using that for my new little juvenille until he gets big enough for his adult cage.
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