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hi there i have some unusual behaviour from my female ambilobe panther cham. she is around 9 months old and just recently i keep finding her at the bottom of her viv usually very dark almost black. I had a stool sample checked a few days ago at the vets and it was clear so that has ruled out paracites.

vivarium :46*46*92cm repti breeze.

1 hibiscus live plant + fakes plants for foliage
1 arcadia 5.0 uv buld with reflector.
1 40w buld above basking spot with a temp of around 93 farenheit.

she gets sprayed 3-5 times a day and her diet is locusts and crickets always gutloaded and dusted with the supplements.

any suggetions would be great


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She is at the egg laying age. Put a egg laying bin in there with a 50/50 mix of top soil and sand. I can't post the blog link, so hopefully someone can for me. Her temps are a little too high. I believe that it should around 85. Hopefully a more experienced female keeper can chime in soon.


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i got advised to put her temp at that. but if her ambient goes above 80 the light will switch of. she has not shown any receptive colors yet to implement laying eggs nor has she got big enough to be carrying them thanks for your reply
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