Stink bugs, anyone ever use them for a cham?


I have been wondering this for a while now. Anyone ever try to feed their cham a stink bug? I have given them to my beardies in the past, not very often though. I never say any adverse effects, was mainly if one was in my room, I would throw it in with the beardies.


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I just threw one in with my cham (found one in my room) and she gobbled it right up. Then I decided to search (I know, should have searched first). But I'm curious to know if anyone else has fed them to their cham?


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I have- an occasional is OK. A good hearty meal of several I've found will put many chameleons off feed for a while. My bearded dragons, on the other hand, seem to love them and they give them no problem. They love them and every fall we have zillions creep into the house to end up in my kids' dragons' stomachs.
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