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My Lil soldier boy Mista after two months and being about four months old he still do not want a be my friend he swells up and opens up he knows who feed him everyday but he still messing with me any other ways to make him b friendly he won't eat out my hand he just stares at me then walks of like ill wait what's another trick if the trade to get him to come to me?


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He may never become "friendly". I had a panther once who never tolerated handling or hand feeding. I would keep working with trying to hand feed and never force him to come out. You can leave the cage door open when you are in the room, sometimes their curiosity gets the best of them and they will come to the front where you can offer your hand. Just let him drive the relationship, he will grow to trust you.


I have a male veiled which is 9 months old (7 months with me). But still he runs in to his bushy tree and hides when i walk near the cage. Still no hand feed. But im used to it now. It's all abour their personalities i think.


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Yes, they're all different. I have 3 male veileds. My oldest is a real sweetheart. He'll puff up if you're doing something that makes him nervous, but never gets aggressive or tries to bite. My 1 year old used to be fearless, but never nasty or aggressive. Recently he has started to be very territorial. He's OK when he's out of his cage, but go anywhere near him when he's in it and look out! I actually got bitten about a week ago - OUCH! I have to lure him out with a tasty treat :rolleyes: Finally, I have a baby that has been hissing and gaping at me since I got him, even though he's not big enough to even get my pinky finger in his mouth.

They're all different. It's luck of the draw to some extent, but if you can get your guy out of his cage, you'll likely find he's a bit nicer when he's not defending his "territory".


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Female veiled quite the B**ch

Myriam, my 7 month old female veiled thinks I am the devil. Just reaching into the enclosure sets her off. Oddly she loves to eat so she will take supers from the tongs. When I do get her out, after much gentle coaxing she relaxes and explores my arms and such. She seems to have no memory of previous trips outside the enclosure and every time she sees my hand its armageddon... I have given up hope LOL.

My new panther arrives today, he is apparently sweet and personable. Crossing my fingers on that. I am not expecting a puppy but it would be nice to be able to reach in without it being an ordeal every time.


Psychobunny's blog helped me a lot with my little dude.
Also, trickery.
I let him explore around outside his cage, but set up some sticks so he would be tempted to climb higher. Once he was on the stick, I could lift the stick and take it outside. (gotcha!)
After about 15 minutes in the sun he's more likely to crawl on my hand.

I don't know how your guy would react to this because I was hand feeding for a few weeks before I tried this. But sometimes chams act differently once their out of their cage, and at the very least he might be happy that you took him outside?


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Juvenile Delinquency in Veild's

Sorry to say but the species tends to be a bit un-domestic.

Attached is a picture of Sam who likes to rock on the cords of heat lamps and throw them to the ground. Twice I've come home and found the carpet burned.

Sam also causes trouble with the other species of chameleons I have and is always in some sort of territory dispute.

Anyone else have instances of chameleon juvenile delinquency?


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