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Okay so I tried looking on the forums for my answer and couldn’t find an exact answer..
As for the staple feeders off the chart that I have below. How many of each do you feed?
right now my 3 month oldish ( hatch date 5-30-6-11-2020) panther chameleon is only eating 15 crickets 6 days a week. If I were to add another staple feeder to his cricket diet Do I still give 15 crickets plus how many ever it is of the other staple feeder? Sounds like a lot of food..
Or less crickets plus the other feeder amount?
I’d like to give him a variety without over feeding him.
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So basically, when the chams are babies and juvs, they eat like pigs. an unlimited supply. Like 15 a day or whatever. You could do say 5 crickets, 5 bsfl, and 5 dubia roaches


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Yeah just as much as they want up to around 9 months, where Panthers usually cut back themselves and start getting a little more picky.


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Flies do not have enough body to have much fat, they are just wings, legs and eyes, with stomach full of eggs, they suck their food, so they really don't have much fat. I feed them only to my mantis and have never had a problem with them.
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