Spartacus December pics


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This is before and after pics, we had our 4th shead the other day and now seeing bright blues. I'm lovin it. So as u all know with the large bulge he IS a male and I've named him Spartacus and hes growing bigger every day I posted a pic of what he looked like on the first day and it brings tears to the eyes my little man is getting so big. I'm still excited to find out what his adult colors will look like. enjoy. :)

baby pic

By auntbee86 at 2010-09-17

random dark colors it was also the coldest day her in fl like in the 30's

By auntbee86 at 2010-12-10


By auntbee86 at 2010-12-10

waking up from a nap colors.

By auntbee86 at 2010-12-10

hes scarred of my b/f.

By auntbee86 at 2010-12-10

fighting his reflection in the mirror. soo cute.

By auntbee86 at 2010-12-10

before the shead.

By auntbee86 at 2010-12-10

after the shead

By auntbee86 at 2010-12-10
*i'm so sorry i posted in the wrong place*

oh yea everyone likes his name...i like the show spartacus: blood and sand so i named him after the guy.and no he doesnt sleep in the day once sun is up or lights r on hes wide awake, that was early in the morning i had to mist cage before work n he woke up crawled onto my hand and went back to sleep so i had to wake him again then his colors were all different. :)
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