sooo excited


im finally gonna get another panther chameleon after waiting 11 years...but have had montanes for years..heres the little story,got my 1st panther chameleon from a pet store who had no idea what they were doing. they told me to use a household light bulb too keep him warm enough and they eat mentions about uvb or different insects and calcium..unfortunately he lived only a short time,about 8 months before passing and around 600 loss..i have learned so much from the forums that im comfortable in my care to keep one,as this is where i learned my care from for the in a feew weeks ill be purchasing a baby panther.
im finally gonna get another panther chameleon after waiting 11 years...but have had montanes for years..

I am glad your so excited for your panther chameleon! I can't believe it took you 11 years to go back to panthers, that must have been a very traumatic experience. At least you didn't give up the hobby. I assume you got most things ready for him.
Welcome to the forums and congratulations on your upcoming purchase, where are you getting it from and do you know what kind of panther it is. Why don't you post some pics of your enclosure.
i have a 18x18x36 cage im putting together right now..i have reptisun 5.0 light, heat light for basking..and all supplements ready for the little guy...oh,and 3 vines, 2 pothos plants and a hibiscus,but the hibiscus lost its leaves and are regrowing so ill probly use the pothos for now..i should be done with cage tonight ill post some pics then...
was putting the cage together and thought i might try the hibiscus tree,however not enough foliage so im gonna have to get a different tree...
i am getting a rb ambilobe from a forum member, and i just had to order a new tree as the other has lost its leaves..i had ordered a ficus and getting it overnight that way it will be here hopefully before the chameleon..
new tree will be here tomorrow and putting cage together for new panther so excited i can hardly wait..i will post pics of the cage as soon as done.
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