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Hey! I found two products that I think could help anyone out.

Tierra Garden GP45B Square Garden...


Drinking Water Fountain Circulating Capacity Flower Dispenser Automatic - 1PCs

The first one is a tray that will fit in a ReptiBreeze cage 24x24x48. It is deep enough to hold water and fits literally perfect. The other product is a self contained water fountain, however the pump that comes with it is not good so I recommend getting this as well.

VicTsing 80 GPH (300L/H, 4W)...

Let me know what you think!
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Yeah I would say a no go to the fountain just based on the daily complete cleaning and water change out to avoid bacteria buildup. Also it does not give them a way to clean their eyes if your not hand misting or using a misting system.


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The fountains take a lot of cleaning to remain sanitary because feeders and poop tend to end up in them. They are good if you need to supply water for a short vacation.

I was thinking this too but since you need to punch a hole in the screen for the power cord I am afraid insects will get out once you remove it. Of course you could patch it or cover it but I just do not like putting holes in the screen unless I have too haha. Don't want bugs running around my house. The wife would shoot me.


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I'm with you on that. I use a misting system, timers and foggers with a pet sitter to hydrate when I'm away but it might be useful to someone. You can cover holes with magnets if necessary.


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Actually, the fountain cord fits through the front part of the cage, I didn’t need to make a hole.. If any feeders or poop got stuck, then I would see it because of the carbon filter. The carbon filter refeeds clean water so no problems. Oh, and I also use a misting system on top of the fountain, which is strictly a source for drinking, I keep the fountain always running, so bacteria doesn’t make its way.

I really recommend the product.
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