Drainage System (that works for me)

This is my male panther chameleon’s drainage system and I like it a lot so I wanted to share! I’m hoping this can help someone! I’ve been using this for about 6 months and it works well with my set up!

Our drainage system was installed on the X-large 24L x 24W x 48H cage. Our cage is mounted on the Zoomed Reptibreeze stand with shelf (x-large).

Items needed/used:
•Tierra Garden GP45B square Garden Tray 23 inch. This is a smooth bottom tray with no ridges or ripples in it.
•Oeveo Under mount 242-12w x 4 h x 11d under desk computer mount. (item ucm-242)
•Brass screws, nuts, and washers.
(we used brass because it doesn’t rust!)
•2 stainless steel flat 1 inch wide by 24 in long metal strips.
•1 plastic dish to catch the water approximately 10 in long x 8 in wide x 2 ½ in high.

We removed the ZooMed ‘substrate bottom tray’ we were originally using. We found the center of the floor panel that came with the cage and cut a 4-inch square hole in it. Next, we found the center of the tierra garden tray and cut a 2 ½ inch round hole in it. When the tray sits on the floor panel it is open with not blockage. This will let the water drip straight into the recovery tray below. After we got the holes into the floor panel and tray, we then put the oeveo under mount shelf on the floor panel and marked the screw hole locations. We then drilled the screw hole into the floor panel and into the garden tray. We then put the 2 metal strips down in the bottom of the cage frame for support, then we placed the floor panel on top of them and then the garden tray on top of the floor panel. We then put the four brass screws through the screw holes. We came from the underside of the crate and installed the under-desk computer mount shelf. We tighten the screws. We then sealed the screws with aquarium silicone sealant. The recover tray slides onto the shelf under the cage and collects the water runoff. We empty about every 2 days.

To prevent the chameleon from escaping from the cage we cover the hole with a round flowerpot tray that we have drilled tiny drainage holes into so the water will run out. We then set our large umbrella tree pot into the flowerpot tray, which weighs the center of the tray down. The flowerpot tray has four 2 inch round pieces of pvc pipe glued to the bottom of it. It sits about ½ off the garden tray, which is far too small for our chameleon to fit under, nor does he go to the bottom or “floor” of his cage. (If he did that would be concerning) This lets the water run out of the garden tray into the recovery tray below.

side note: His misting schedule is 6 minutes twice a day, once 45 minutes after his lights turn on and one more time an hour and 15 minutes before his life turns off!

Important: THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN WHEN I DEEP CLEANED KENNYS HOME WHICH IS WHY ITS EMPTY!! I thought it would be easier to see and understand the drainage system with an empty cage.

if you have any questions, comments or concerns please let me know!! (-:
I hope this helps someone!!

1. $56.98 for the garden tray on amazon

2. $53.99 for the ‘under desk computer mount’

3. $4.47 for the dish I chose to catch the water

4. Approximately $5.00 for the brass screws, nuts and washers from Lowe’s (we used size 10)

5. $11.50 steel metal support bar 1inx6ft (cut to size) from Lowe’s also

here’s the links to 3 of the items listed above: (the rest are at Lowe’s or any hardware store)

1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00J4MKE8I?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

2. https://www.amazon.com/Oeveo-242-12W-Computer-Computers-UCM-242/dp/B01M18TLR3

3. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Rubberma...gular-Food-Storage-Containers-2-Pack/16664880


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