Some question about hatching eggs.

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Hello, everyone.
I'm from Beijing.
I just spent a whole afternoon to read the English Book to find "How to hatching pather chameleon's eggs."
There are so many new words that I have to find them with dictionary over and over.
Fortunately, I think I find the part I want to know. But because of my poor English. I'm afraid I get misunderstand of some sentences. So could you help me to check my thought is correct or not. Thank you.
To hatching the pather chameleon's eggs. I should pay attention the temperature could not be too high. Then I should break diapause by low down the temperature in this whole hatching process.
But I'd like to know how to control the temperature ?
I should keep it about 82°C in the first 2 month , then low down to 65°C for one or two months, and remove the temperature back to the 82°C. Is that correct ?
Or I should low down the temperature at the beginning one or two month, then raise the temperature gradually.

Thank you for your help. Waiting for your reply.


This is what I do for my Panthers.

1 plastic container 7"x7"x3" with 1- 1/8" hole drilled in the side of the container about 1/2" from the top.

100g of vermiculite mixed with 80g of water

I keep them in an incubator at 75 degrees with a small pan of water in the incubator to keep the humidity up. 6-9 months later they usually start hatching.


Jian Zhang

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How to avoid the diapause ?

Thank you for your reply.
Your suggestion is very helpful to me.
Especially how to keep the the humidity up.
Please forgive me for my poor English.
You side that 7"x7"x3", is that means 7 inches × 7 inches× 3 inches?
Why do we need to drill holes beside the container ?
In that book, the author said that 'the panther chameleon eggs overwinter in Madagascar, cooler winter temperatures may prime eggs still in diapause to initiate development upon the return of warmer spring time temperatures. '
I don't want to wait so long time. the diapause might delay the time of hatching.
So I want to find the way to avoid it.
The fastest way is try to find out how to control the temperature of hatching.
But this is my first time to hatching panther chameleon eggs.
I don't want them to have any accidents.
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