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Hi! I'm new to this forum and as well to the chameleon hobby. I think I got most things down except one thing... temperature.

Well im getting a veiled chameleon and I wanted to know the best day and night temperatures as well as basking spots. The reason i ask is because after reasearching, many people have slightly different ideas for the temperature and I wanted to know what you guys do.

My other question is that i know the temp. has to drop at night... how do I do that exactly? do I change the bulb to a cooler one? im kinda confused about this. :confused:

I also want to know what misting system you guys use? Whats an average one, not a crazy expensive one lol! :p

Last one, What water do I put in the misting system... Do i put R/O water, or can i use regular water? do i have to get rid or the chlorine... if yes, with what?

Hi and welcome to the forums. Depending on how old your Veild is going to be will determine what your basking temp will be. The overall cage temp for adults, juvi's and babies should range from anywhere from the low 70's to the mid 70's. Your basking for young veilds should be around 80-82 degrees and the adults around 85-88 or so. You temp will drop automatically at night when you shut the lights out. No lights at night for your cham's cage. They like it cool and they like it dark! They can take temps into the low 60's so unless your temps get below that there is not need for heat. I do not use a misting system but have always used straight tap water with my cham and it has suited me well. That is of course, where I live and my water quality is obvious not too heavy on the Chlorine. i guess it depends on where you live and what your water is like.
Carol answered the questions about temperatures and night light the same as I would have. (I keep my adult female veiled around 89 in basking spot) As far as a good quality misting system, I am extremely happy with my basic mistking system, I forget exactly what I paid but it wasn't rediculous. I personally use distilled water in my system just so the heads don't clog up with mineral/calcium deposits. I would prefer to use R/O water but the system is not high on my financial priority list lol. tap water can be used, I use tap water in my dripper which I just leave out for a few days so the chloramines can evaporate off but as mentioned above,spray heads may clog easier. Some people use a declorinating product but I have never used it and don't know much about it. Hope this helps.
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