Some help with this local insect.


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It was a long and hot day at work in the kitchen and I was thankful to be outside in the fresh cool night air when my peace was disrupted by a huge beetle that tried to go kamakazi on me! At first when I saw him coming I thought he was a bat but then I saw this monstrous beetle.

I was at work so unable to take a clear photo, however some dudes at work said it was a water beetle and when I goggled for images he popped up in the first one. This is what it looked like here at this link:,r:0,s:0.

Anyone able to ID this bug in more detail for me and let me know if I can give it a good gutloading for a week and feed it off to Samson with minimal risk?
Yup looks like some kind of water beetle to me! Wild beetles are known to carry lots of bad stuff so I wouldnt recommend feeding it to your lizard.
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