Please indentify this chameleon!!!

Motherlode Chameleon

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That is some kind of Calumma and it looks like it has got a dorsal crest meaning possibly a Parsoni cristifer. Going to be tough to find since only a couple dozen Calumma parsons are imported with CITES paperwork every year and when you find one they normally cost big dollars.


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Of course it's a Calumma and like Jeremy said probably a parsonii cristifer - a species which will be never ever available in Canada :p


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That's a good looking parsonii cristifer:

The specimen at the picture you uploaded is probably old and stressed / under the influence of too high temps


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Before the originating website crashed it looked like it said it was Furcifer labordi. That's not a labordi. What you have linked is a Parson's Chameleon; as to what sub-species I don't know.
maybe its just the way the pic was taken and the lighting/shadows. it just looked like an unreal species to me lol. it looked like ducky from land before time:D


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Agreed. It's a very sad looking parsons of some sort. :/ I doubt you actually want that...
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