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What should i do if my chameleon wont open his eyes. He usually opens them when i get close to him. But i picked him up today an he wont even open them. I starte to move him and still wont open them ):
I am sorry to say but that is not a good sign. Could you please fill out the ask for help form in the health clinic. Click on forums and then health clinic. You can copy and paste the form. It could be anything from your lighting to dehydration, vitamin A deficiency etc. The more info we get the more we can help you figure out what is wrong.
I just got him 5 days ago, he is a flap necked cham, i had him on a fish tank. Today i didnt had any light at all and i forgot to spray water on him. I just came feom work and i decided to pick him up to see how he was, he dodnt wanted to open his eyes. I havent done any poop exam. It doesn thace any ventilation, i had paper towels and i didnt place any crickets inside cause he wont eat them for days. He is 1 year old over 18 years old. All im dping now is sprayin water on him. Im trying with a droper.he wont open his eyes still !!! What should i do!!
His poop is big, it has some yellow and white thing with a full size dead ceicket i gave him a couple of days ago. It smells like a pig
If the poop smells bad it could be that the chameleon has parasites.

You also didn't indicate the cage temperatures or the basking temperature.
Be careful spraying water on him. You don't want to end up with it in his lungs.
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