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Ok, thats what I did. After creating a huge cage for my mellery, I was thinking about the difficulty of creating a misty system without having all the cage set up with a drainage system and avoiding the risk of having it soaked wet. Then I thinked of something very easy and symple: why not dedicate just a corner of the cage to the misting ? An angular box with a drainage system and with a branch running above it ? Something like this:


Because my mellery use to stand under the spot every morning at least from 8:00 to 11:00 am, I thinked of setting up the misty system just near the spot lamp placing then a drainage system just above it. Around it i've placed plastic panels that protect the walls from water and dircet the water down to the drainage system (a flat plastic with a hole, a funnel and a pipe that finish in a tank).
The other thing i've been thinking of was: how do I make the mist to turn on ? A timer ? A motion sensor that turns on the system as soon as the mellery is in the area ? Too complicate. The problem was that, having only a corner of the cage misted, the risk could be that the melleri could be somwhere else when the misty system goes on, not being sure he drink and hydratate himself. But the easiest solution was more simple: a remote control. Why not turn on the system just and only when the melleri is under it ? Thats how it goes: in the worning, having my coffee, when i see the melleri heating himself under the spot lamp, I just take my remote control and start on, from the other room, the misty system for 20-25 minutes and then turn it off. Same thing in the evening when I come back from work, another 20-25 or more minutes of shower and hydratation.
In this way I obtain that:
1- I don't need to set up all the cage with a drainage system and don't need tho whet all the cage to guarantee that the mellery drinks.
2- I am sure that the mellery is under the water when the system goes on.
3- I can guarantee at least a couple a day of long (from 20 to 30 minutes or more) misty sessions.
If you stay more at home you could also give as many misty sessions as you want. Also, if you are almost sure of the melleri basking habits, you could set up a simple timer for the rest of the day when you are not at home.

Here is the photo of the enclosure:


Here is the project of the misting corner of the cage:


Here are details of the spots with the misty system:



The drainage system:



I've found this system very practicle and symple.
Any comments ?
so you are shooting to water to one end of the cage which has a pan/drain under it rather that spraying it all over the place needing a larger drainage system? That cage is awesome btw
My RainDomes can maintain a restricted 'rain' area... they are a great idea if you don't want mist spraying all over the place and if your cham likes dripping water instead of fin mist.
so you are shooting to water to one end of the cage which has a pan/drain under it rather that spraying it all over the place needing a larger drainage system?
That's the idea, nothing of technological, but it works.
That cage is awesome btw
Thank you. I've thought about this solution because melleri usually don't go around on the low part of the cage (this part of the cage is almost a waste of space), while they probably need more space to walk on the higher part, where they can also look at us from above. At the top I have a 2 metres wide cage, occupying on the ground only 95 cm. Also, with this solution, the cage is expandable. I't will be nice to create something like tunnels going from one part of the room to another, a sort of semi-free range. :)
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