So long Pika,


Chameleon Enthusiast
My beloved 13 year old Australian cattledog was put to sleep right before Christmas. She had a great life but I am missing her terribly. As there is no vet in my town I flew to Juneau, AK with her for the last time. She normally loved to look out the plane windows along the way. As the ground is frozen she had to be cremated. Her ashes will become part of the beach she loved.

Hopefully she's chasing those squirrels in the clouds by now.
so sorry for yourr loss esspecally during the holidays 13 is a great lifetime tho.
R.I.P Pinka
awe sorry to hear that. My friend just lost her Golden Ret on Christmas Day to some weird blood disease. She was only 3 years old. 13 is a decently long life. My lab lived for 9. I am sure you gave her a wonderful life.
Sorry to hear it, it doesn't make it any easier the older & longer our cherished 4 legged family member are w/ us. It is I guess reassuring to know that they lived a good long doggie life but still hard on us to part with our loved ones. I don't want to even go there & think if that as mine are close to 10 already. It feels like just yesterday that they became apart of our family. We always wish it could have been longer with them & it must be especially hard on/ around holidays. So sorry for your lose!!! R.I.P. to your Pika
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