Snakey bonding time. :3


So, I let my boyfriend, and his best friend go un-attended to our local reptile supply / breeding store the other week because I had to work.... few hours later I get pictures of a couple of tiny little African house snakes .... I wasn’t amused to say the least since we don’t have a lot of space, snakes are against the lease, and because I didn’t have a say in the matter.

But, after being salty for a couple weeks, and pretending she didn’t exist, I spent some bonding time with her.

He asked if I’d help name her (a trap for sure lol) and we ended up naming her Penne (because what snake doesn’t need a good pasta themed name?)

She loves to watch YouTube videos with me, and slalom through my fingers. I guess she can stay. :ROFLMAO:


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That's awesome, what a cool looking snake.

Animals really do grow on you dont they? It's beautiful..

Thanks! She’s still a baby, I can’t wait for her to get bigger and really show off her colors :love:

But yeah, they really do, slowly but surely they creep up on you, and then bam! You’d be lost without them. My Cham especially :coffee: Taking care of him is up there with my morning coffee !
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