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Whose got em? What brand do you like? I'm sick of my analogue timers and I need more time-able plugs. Found some strips online for $20-$30 but that seems unreasonably low ( I have no real idea how much "techy" stuff should cost.)

Let me know!


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I use smart plugs on my lights but like what @snitz427 said they are bulky and block the second outlets so I’m was thinking of trying one of these 2 out
BN-LINK WiFi Heavy Duty Smart Plug Outlet, No Hub Required with Energy Monitoring and Timer Function, White, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, 2.4 Ghz Network Only (4 Pack)
SIPAILING Smart Power Strip WiFi Surge Protector Voice Individual Control with Alexa Google Home, 4 AC Outlets 1.5 Meter Extension Cord, Switch Timer, Remote Control via Smart Phone APP


I have the kasa smart power strip and absolutely love it.

It's a little on the expensive side compared to the other Amazon listed power strips but I wanted to be absolutely sure whatever I got was either UL, CE, or ETL certified. Be careful what you order if you care about safety, the first brand I got off Amazon claimed to have certification but after some digging I found out it wasn't true.


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A lot of them tend to be bulky and block the 2nd outlet on your wall plate, so you might want to consider a dual outlet option or the strip.
I've been using this over the past year and love it. Since all four outlets (UV, bask, 2xgrow lights) go on and off at the same time everyday, I realized after buying the 4-pack of smart plugs that all I needed to do was plug a standard 6-plug power strip and only use one of the smart plugs.
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