Small Wound on veil


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So my juvenile, male veiled chameleon is finishing a shed. I brought him to visit with my friend and we discovered that he has a tiny, open would right on his left side. I'm wondering what it is because i know he has a black mark on it, and i figured it was coloring. BUt now that there is an open wound, I am a little concerned.
Any ideas of what it may be and how to treat it? My friend (who has 2 chameleons) recommended I go see the vet, but I want to make sure that I know what it is before I have to do that.


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I'm not sure what that is but a vet visit is always a good thing. If you do take him to the vet be sure to take a fresh poop for a fecal. Not that i think it has anything to do with his bump just having them checked for parasites is always a good idea when you go to the vet.
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