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Curtis James

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So I have recently moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend its not the biggest. I am wondering what everyone does for the smell of the crickets and or what are some of the best options to maximize my space!

Any thoughts would be great thanks :)


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If you have a balcony closet you can store them in there. Or on the balcony itself where you can make some shade. I've never put the crickets indoors because of the ungodly smell. Maybe the garage? Hope that helps


I too live in a small two bedroom apartment. I have NO outdoor space because I live in a tower building. I clean( remove all live crickets and egg crate etc. and wash bin out with really hot water and dry) my cricket bin every two-three days and it helps so much with smell. ( I have two large Rubbermaids. One for the crickets andone to transfer the crickets into while cleaning) Also, the bigger the bin the better. Give them lots of room and lots of stuff to climb on. I use egg crate, toilet paper rolls, and paper towel rolls. I use a large Rubbermaid that I cut a big hole in the top of and hot glued screen over hole. This helps with air circulation. When I get a chance I remove the lid for a little while. I would leave the lid off all the time but I have two cats who love to chase and eat crickets. :eek: Hope this helps
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