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Hey everyone, I have a healthy 1 year old panther female. She is not under fed, however she seems small. I'll post a pic tomorrow. Any advise?
1 year old panther
18x18x36 screen cage
5.0 linear reptasun 18 inch
Uva basking light (can't remember off hand what it is)
Cage maintains 80's and cooler after lights out

Feeding mostly crickets, large, gutloaded and dusted, around 10-15 every two days, some times a couple each morning extra.
I maintain humidity by misting a few times a day, and with a dripper.

I don't know why she would be small, any help is appreciated!
Pics would be helpful. Have you weighed her lately?. Sometimes pics can be deceiving so a weight would be nice to give everyone a better idea.
I do not have a scale, so here are a few pics!
Any advice is welcomed!

panther 1.jpg

panther 2.jpg

panther cage.jpg
Looks okay to me. I have some extra scales in the classifieds if you're interested.

A scale is a much more accurate depiction of size (compared to pictures.)
Do you have a laying bin in her cage? She looks like she could be carrying infertile eggs. I would also cut back on her food. She may be small but she looks chubby. Are your crickets small, is that why she gets so many? Most of us feel a year old chameleon only every other day. jmo
Thanks Laurie!
I do have a bin in her cage, and generally she is only fed every other day!
I will cut back on them a bit to see if she can drop some of that winter weight! lol
I have a egg bin filled with coco fiber, is that acceptable?
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