Small for his age?


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I haven't been on here lately, but Hawkeye, my nosy be has been doing great. He has been growing like a weed and his colors have been developing nicely. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure he is the right size for his age. I just measured him to be about 9.5". He seems to have a healthy build too. Here are some pics of him.

Yea, an age might help! lol But regardless, I think he looks great. He has a good weight on him and looks healthy, so even if he is a little small for his age he seems to be doing great otherwise, so I wouldn't worry about it.
Haha, forgot to say that part lol. His clutch's hatch dates were split by the new year so he is approaching 7 months.
He looks good.

SOme grow slower than others, so its not a huge deal if they are slightly smaller.

but Id say your boy is pretty normal.
Compared to other locals nosy bes grow a bit slower but they shoot up quite quick my 7month old is about 58g and about 11inches
2 months ago he was half that size

Edit from nose to tip of tail
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