Sluggish isopods

I got my order from josh’s frogs yesterday and set up my enclosure. I got 25 dwarf white isopods and temperate springtails for the cleanup crew.
I looked at the isopods and I thought they were dead, but after picking them up they started to move a bit, but not much. Is this normal? I probably should have taken a video or picture to send to Josh’s Frogs in case I need new ones. The temps have been within their guidelines for isopods this week.

Honestly I was too excited to care that much, I saw they moved and put them in right away. Should I be worried? I was also wondering if I should have tried to start the isopods in a smaller container just to let them breed a bit.

On another note, I thought that springtails came in the containers with charcoal and water, but mine came in a container with bone dry dirt. I’m not sure if this matters much, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting because I thought springtails like damp conditions.
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