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My 4month old Veiled Cham Coda has been sleeping at the edge of her cage, I thought it was because she wasn’t comfortable in her home but she went back and slept in the plants for the next few days. It’s been going on and off lately, I haven’t changed anything since I first got her, and shout out @Beman who helped me with her sleeping with her eyes open, Help is appreciated!


Chameleon Enthusiast
You haven't had her long right? It takes them quite a bit to get used to their enclosure. She will continue to move around until she finds her favorite spot or spots. My Veiled has his spot... Every night same exact branch. My new panther has not found his yet and has slept in a totally different area every night. They do this when they are still figuring out their home. Just make sure she has plants she can hide in and she has total darkness at night.
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