Sleeping All Day, No Eating, Shedding

sorry i realise my post was hidden in the quote ;) so, how is your buddy?

Interesting. Here's the details.

-3 Years old. Wild caught in Madagascar, too (sadly).

Are you sure about the age of this is an estimation, if WC and imported at adult age this ic barely impossible to know :/

Any fecal test? might be parasitic infection

-Heat is 80-90 with basking spot of 90 - 95 during the day. Have a single UAB light and a heat ceramic bulb. Turn both off at night. Temperatures are 70-72 during the night.

you can replace your ceramic by regular basking bulb (light help to maintain a good mental help especially in wc animal (they are used to real sun)

-Cage is about 15x20x41. The sides are also glass, with the top as a mesh.

Some people like glass enclosure some don't, personally I don't but my advice is to keep it super clean and try to maintain a good airflow (thing must dry between misting session)

-Humidity is consistent at 60-80%. The cage is tall enough I have a normal humidifier from Walgreens sitting at the bottom. I spray 1-2 times a day, because the humidifier keeps water dripping off leaves/walls on 1/4 to 1/2 of the cage throughout the day.

that is to humid, so maybe he caught a bacterial or fungus infection, the best is to maintain 60-80% at night when temperatures are cold but drop this % during the day to let the things dry and naturally prevent any bacterial of fungus development in the environnement.. personally I really like bioactive setup

-I usually feed him meal worms, as they're his favorite. I sprinkle 1x or 2x a week with non d3 calcium. Haven't yet used a multivitamin.

super worms are even worst in fact.. about 30% of fat. a ca/ph ratio of 0.5 in long term you gonna get kidney problem (long-short term) this is like.. mcdo 3 time a day ;)

What about uvb?

I dont think he can have MBD for now (mid doesn't show up in a month, but lack of vitamin, bacterial fungus or parasitic infection is possible (due to his WC past and your humidity level + glass enclosure and the stress (he juste move 1 month agoes this is a stress explosion for a chameleon and a immunity break down till he get used to the new home)

I think there is no 10000 solution :/ you should bring him to a vet because things are not gonna be fixed by itself for him :/ (my advice, I can be wrong here im not god :p )

Good luck with him,

-Because of our backyard set up (we have a lot vines), and I work from home, I take him outside probably 3-4 days a week. I leave him out most of the days and he just climbs on the walls. Located in Utah (dry), so I spray the vines with water 1-2x during the day and usually see him drinking. I then take him down in the evening.
-I've only had him for one month. I'll be getting a multivitamin soon. I bought him from a breeder who took good care of him. I asked the breeder what could be going on but haven't heard back.
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