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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by TaylorLMatthews, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Other than the dragon strand atrium (because online it says those won't be shipped for quite a while), does anyone have recommendations for an enclosure big enough for when my Parson's female is an adult? She is still very young, but I want to let her grow in her permanent home. I was thinking no smaller than a 2'x4'x4' (DxWxH). I realize that I could make one, but I don't have much experience with building things and don't plan to start attempting with this big of a project. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  2. Remkon

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    You could get 2 smaller enclosures of 2x2x4, remove screen from left side on the one, remove screen from right side of the other and die em together with some gardening wire. o_O
  3. I may end up doing that. I just was hoping to find something that would be more visually pleasing in my den :LOL: I would love to turn a huge armoire into an enclosure but with as busy as I am caring for all my chams plus life in general, that would be difficult to say the least! Lol
  4. bobbydigital

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    diy cages has a 30x30x72. Not sure if that's big enough but it's the biggest vertical screen enclosure that they offer.
  5. Decadancin

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    Hi Taylor,

    Welcome to the forums :)!

    Especially because it is going to be in an area that looks matter, I would consider either converting a piece of furniture or even a build of your own. I know it does take some time, but the results are generally worth it in the long run. I built an enclosure that is in my Great Room and it has everything hidden and looks like part of the rest of the furnishings. With a Parsonii as you know, you will of course need to consider drainage, but even hiding the lights may be desirable.

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  6. dshuld

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  7. makkatfloof

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    honestly, for any cham, I love the idea of diy cages. I’m considering doing one for my male veiled.
    You can go to Walmart and get mesh wire lining and a few wooden planks that can be cut for size all together and build the thing for $30-$50 (at least around here in Indiana it would be that cheap).
    Doing that and looking up how others have actually done the building part and getting the right screws and stuff needed would be a lot cheaper than buying a custom one from a cage designer.
  8. dshuld

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    Must be nice to have the building supplies so cheap there :(. A roll of aluminum screen alone is $30 here in my area :rolleyes:
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  9. makkatfloof

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    Awww! I’m so sorry. I’d die if it was that expensive here:unsure:
    I mean either way, based on how some of the designer cage makers cost their cages, I still feel like a diy would be cheaper.
  10. dshuld

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    Not always, it would've been cheaper for me to have done what @Remkon suggested earlier when I put this together.

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  11. makkatfloof

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    Wow!!! That’s a nice one.
    I mean I do not know pricing in other regions like I do mine so yeah, it may be cheaper get one of the designer ones.
    But either way, I think that one is super cool.
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  12. dshuld

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    Thanks. There are things I would do differently now that I've done it once though lol.
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  13. JacksJill

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  14. dshuld

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    In deed!! When I looked they had a range of $1700 to nearly $6000. For that much I'd try to make the time some how even if it didn't come out as nice, like the one I made for Blue ^ :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:. Though for a bedroom it is perfectly fine. Now once my fur babies pass several years from now, then I'll take my time setting up something fancy like @Decadancin for a show piece . Until then it would end up a scratching post and a waste of my time :rolleyes:.
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  15. JacksJill

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    I've seen some amazing setups made from inexpensive garage sale or salvation army finds. The sweat equity adds up.
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  16. dshuld

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    @TaylorLMatthews wasn't your dad the one that made that awesome diy from fb though? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  17. dshuld

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    It does in deed. I've got plans for one of my grandma's hutches already if I've get around to moving the massive thing to my house :LOL:. It's 8L x 2D x 7H and her and my grandpa had it custom built for them. Just need the time and energy and less fur babies that like to claw everything but their own stuff :ROFLMAO:.
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  18. You could consider getting a large bird cage. It would require some mods for water control but there are many examples if you search online.
  19. nick barta

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    Taylor, I see Dragonstrand is shipping Atrium cages in September, and it is worth the wait. The Atrium cage meets your need for a first class appearance, and give your Parson's lots of horizontal choices. Bill Strands' cages are built super well, and his Dragonstrand ledges for attaching branches, vines, and plants are amazing.


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  20. makkatfloof

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    I’ve actually heard of people doing this and then reinforcing it with aluminium mesh on the inside as well for better humidity and to better keep feeder insects in (if you free range feed).

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