Simba's enclosure - checks (please advise)


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OK, so I thought I'd let you all know the range of readings I've got for Simba's enclosure (taken at different times during the day and night over the past few days)
I'm doing it tonight so i have all day tomorrow to change anything if need be before Simba gets here on Tuesday.

So here we go.

Basking temp ranges between 82 and 84 (with the exception of when lights off obviously, and readings are lower just after misting)

Low temp ranges between 62 and 67 (again depending on whether mister has been on) the temp at night throughout the cage is about 66.

Humidity goes as high as 80% after misting, but has dropped to the low to mid 50s especially during the night (last misting is at 5pm), but I'm guessing this is ok as it is good for them to be dry at night????

So if you experienced folk could please let me know if I'm on the right track that'd be great. I can make any last min changes required tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

EEEEEEEE only 2 more sleeps!!! :D
Well, here I am with only one more sleep till Simba comes home!! I feel nervous and apprehensive and sick and happy, and worried that he has 300miles to travel!!! :D:confused::D:rolleyes::D

I'd like to thank everyone for their help in setting up his enclosure.
From what I've read, I'm happy with the temps, humidity and water level in the cage. ;)

I've got his food order coming tomorrow too, so it'll be nice n fresh (small silkworms, small dubia roaches, small morios and small calci worms) so plenty grub there for him. :p:p

Now we just need the lil man himself. I hope he likes his new pad!!

I'll let you know when he's here with a loud and proud thread no doubt....and don't worry, there'll be pics!!! LOL

Thanks again!! xxx
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