silkworms too crowded


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I would separate them out some.

ANd yes the cardboard is fine, I use tp rolls, but that will work too.


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Oh man, all of them are a little too crowded?
If they keep growing I am going to be swallowed by silks
camimom- hows the baby males coming along


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Not super overcrowded. I just like to space them out, just to be safe.

I would be happy to take some off your hands. ;) lol.

I have 5 babies im holding back for now..

Got one male I might have for sale in a few weeks.
Looking at all those silkworms is making me hungry.


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So are they too crowded?
and can that cardboard work for cocooning[/QUOTE]

HeY dude where do you live?? Get some of those silk worms out and sell them to me.


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Maryland, a ways from Montana
Lol that Cham looks hilarious...I am happy the way I was feeding them I ended up with at least 3 different sizes even down to small ones that hatched later. Found first cocoon out this bunch I see alot got a ways to go.

How many you think I got here
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