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I was considering ordering some silk worms from the silkworm coastal site located on the home page. I wanted to write them with my questions but I figured that I could get better, faster responses in here. Has anyone in here ordered from them before? Where they any good? Can I delay the hatching of the eggs for a substainal time with refridgeration? How fast do they go from hatching to spinning their cocoons? Can I feed these safely to juvenilles? I know that they only eat mullberry leaves, do these have any good nutrional value to my chameleons or are they just a good snack every now and then? I usually just feed my chameleons crickets, superworms, and wax worms. I wanted to mix it up a little bit if I could do it. I just can not handle anything else that is to time consuming. With the numbers they sell them in I think I could handle them as long as I could delay the hatching some what. With the prices and all the other stuff they sell (food and housing) it does not seem like a bad option.
If you have not read this already, I highly recommend it: Chameleon News- Silkworms.

I can recommend coastal silkworms. I have ordered from the before without any problems. Silkworms are a great addition to your list of feeders, and are definitely more nutritious than superworms or wax worms. I use silkworms and crickets as my main feeders, and offer additional treats throughout the week. You can keep eggs in the fridge and take them out as you need. The article above explains these things and will answer most of your questions.
in the summer you can feed them mulberry leaves from a pesticide free source, other then that the artifical chow is a must. I have not found a home recipe that works or is afordible
I order from Coastal and they are great. Silkworms grow fast, so the first time I ordered 50 I ended up giving most of them to my friend with an adult Veiled. I just ordered 25 1/4" and I am feeding them every other day per instructions to slow growth as I only give my almost 4 month old veiled 2 a day. I also ordered eggs that just hatched yesterday (week and 1/2 after they arrived here) and they are getting their first feeding and growing before my eyes. The dry food that you microwave and store in the fridge is also good-it keeps for a month.
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