silk worms

I order mine from mulberryfarms on line. They are consistent with their deliveries and the quality is great. Their website site is:

I second this, very great feeder seller. I get my crickets from them as well and they package them in a way that I dont ever loose them. I always have problems getting them into my cricket keeper but they use nice tubes that you can just dump in.
i never got silkworms from mulberry farms but ive gotten silkworm food from them. i just got a order of worms from coastal silkworms and they were very nice worms and they were almost all alive with no heater i think only 2 of the smaller ones were DOA out over over 100 worms.
Thanks guys, got them on order from farms.
Now about that chow mix, should I make everything at once and then how do I store it?
I generally buy the premade containers so I don't have to mess with making it, but it can be stored in the refrigerator either way.
Regarding making the chow yourself-Easy!

The packaged mix that you make yourself is very easy to make, too! Just put in large microwave container mixed with hot water, microwave for 2 minutes to almost bubbly state, stir, microwave again for an additional 1 -2 minutes, stir and you're done!

After it is cool, you can put small batches into plastic ziploc sandwich bags and refrigerate or freeze. How easy is that!

it is cheaper to buy powder and make your own. Go here and see how to make it and other info, too.

Coastal has always been a good supplier for me.

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