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Does anyone have any preference between Silkworm Chow and Mulberry Leaves? Is the chow more nutrient-dense? Does it matter to chameleon health?

Also -- how long does the pre-made chow last refrigerated?



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Chow as last resort

If you have access to leaves, its the best. Bonus you will have less mold/cleanup, and worms that eat leaves have a more robust immune system.

Chow only lasts 2-3 days tops, but you can make it in ice cube trays if you want to make a six week lifetime batch and then freeze it.


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I make chow in a large glass pyrex container and it will keep for up to a month in the fridge. It never lasts that long as we tend to go thru a 1/2lb of dry chow every 1-2 weeks when we have steady silks. If I need less I make a 1/4lb bag vs storing it that long.

Unrefrigerated it will either dry out or mold after 3-4 days.

Leaves are great but if you run out its harder to switch to chow once theyve had the good stuff. Since its fall id start with chow and maybe switch to leaves in spring


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I made cubes of chow and froze it, I figured it was much easier than keeping leaves on hand.
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