Sick Wild Jackson


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I found a Jackson chameleon today. She is only able to change color on one side. And she rolls uncontrollably to the right. Almost like she has vertigo. Her grip is great but she can’t stop rolling unless she is laying flat on her right side (the side that doesn’t change color). I am keeping her as warm and humid as I can without a proper set up. She is very lethargic and won’t eat.


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That was my thought. She may have it the ground pretty hard. I’m not sure if there is anything I can do for her. Especially if she won’t eat.


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No need to have two threads on the same topic. I hate to say it, but release her back into the wild, it’s the circle of life. Unless you want to take her to an exotics vet with cham experience and fork over tons of cash for bloodwork, fecal, x rays, etc.


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I agree with releasing her if its not your own because its just a cham you found and as much a I hate to say it, vets cost A LOT so I think that the best thing to do is let nature run its course honestly @ERKleRose has a good point
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