Sick of my cricket container!!!!


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I am sick of my cricket container!!!! So would you guys please share some pics of your containers and tell me your opinions on what works for you! Thanks guys!!!

what are you using and why do you hate it?????

here's what i use....... a ten gallon aquarium with a screen top.. i love it!!!!!
i have 2 and i rotate them... easy to clean... zero escapees!!!! i also use this setup for my roaches!!!!
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I use just a plastic container. I just dont feel like it gets the air that it should in the inside. I really like the second picture! I like the little door that opens. I think it would be cool if both top parts had screen instead of plastic.
I use the extra large rubbermaid container with a big hole cut out of the lid. I covered the hole with screen. I clean every couple of days and this works great. I am thinking about trying to make a "shifting" container. :rolleyes:
I really like this container and nice thing is that you can cut the top to put screen on top. Think I'll be buying 3 or 4 of them
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