Sick chameleon?

Hi! I just got my baby veiled about three weeks ago. He is a male and about 2-4 months old. I waited about 1 week and then I handle him every few days or so. He’s currently in a 18x18x30 custom hybrid (glass and screen) enclosure that I’m hoping to upgrade soon when he’s a bit bigger so that he can find his way around and to food. His enclosure has Live and Artificial plants. Highest temp in enclosure is 86F and lowest about 78F. Fed mainly a diet or small crickets and small dubia roaches + an occasional meal worm. What I’m worried about is his stool and behavior. His stool seems to be a bit water. When he’s basking/ chilling in his enclosure his head is rested on a brach and he also sleeps like this. He moves around but he never used to put his head down like that. The watery stool starting happening the day after he tried his first hornworm but it’s been a few days? And he also has been drinking plenty of water. He eats less and often lets crickets walk right past him but he is still is eating somewhat. Could he be preparing to shed? Infection? Disease? Change in attitude? Chameleon Puberty😂? Or nothing?


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I am not sure about some of your issues, but I am learning myself with a baby panther and I have had a baby veiled before also (20 years ago when info was sparse, but even so!) He is not going through chameleon puberty yet. Too small! I made the mistake with this panther I have now of leaving him in a smaller enclosure for a bit too long. Now at 6 months he is in his big one and all of a sudden his colour is coming in gangbusters and he is a much happier guy. Our breeder said no longer than 5 months in a small cage. Just thought I would pass that on. Pictures are super helpful in these posts and also info about cage plants, lights, humidity, etc... Good luck!
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