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I had a female veiled a few months ago who died after laying eggs. She was my second chameleon, so I didn't know much, especially about hatching eggs, but I looked at the basics and tried. So now I have two babies, about a day or two old. I got them fruit flies to eat, one of them is eating and active and changing colors but the other one seems really weak and pale and hasn't eaten anything. I'm not even sure if it's opened it's eyes, I haven't seen it. Is there anything I can do for it?


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It already looks in bad shape. Chameleons shouldn't ever have their eyes closed especially while being handled. A baby chameleon should always be alert and look at you like an Alien.


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Not sure if it's in bad shape or just hasn't "woken" up after hatching yet. And shouldn't have been taken out of the incubator yet....which is why I asked about it ever being active yet.

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Just a tip... you may wanna handle them with a powder free glove.... especially if you believe one to be sick. Any fresh-from-birth/hatch/etc animal has minimal immune system and even less ability to control it's own environment.

As far as its health, well I'd suggest a vet as you admittedly have little experience with living chams, much less hatchlings. Beyond that, I'd recommend one who makes house calls as taking a hatchling outside of its bin is a big enough risk.

Whatever the case may be, best of luck.
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