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I need someone to assure me that this is not a problem.
Ever since Kitty was really little he shudders. Not all the time and not for
more than a second, but I get a little worried when I read about the
tremors associated with the early onset of MBD or hypovitaminosis.
I'm pretty sure he's fine as this seems to happen in the morning when he does a big stretch and yawn..he'll finish with an all over when you get a chill.
Also, I have seen it sporadically at other times and it's always a little alarming. Sometimes I think he gets a claw caught in a vine and is trying to free it, but I'm not sure. Anyway....just wondering if others have experienced this.
Having never witnessed tremors or seizures that would be indicative of a problem, I don't really know what to look for. I think I worry too much.
You've all seen recent pics of him and know my diet, dusting, gutloading, lighting, watering...etc. ad-nauseum.
Anyway, he did it today for the first time in awhile and I thought I'd start to
ask around.

Thanks for any response.

Brad the tremors are unmistakable once you have seen one. Thier hands shake like an alcoholic that has not had a drink in a couple of days. I have one chameleon that got to this point and it was really heartbreaking to watch.

Calcium is a postive ion. It helps to nuetralize the plasma so that electronic impulses can be sent to the nerves. They respond accordingly with movement. When calcium gets low this can cause uncontrollable firing of the nerves. When it gets to this point tremors are actually occuring all over the body. They are most noticable at the hands and feet I think because the muscles are so small. When at the state of low calcium levels in the plasma it is know as tetany.

It is probably nothing but I would keep an eye on him. Mine do some weird stuff that is kind of unique to them and their personallity. This could be the case. I can not say I have ever seen what you are describing with mine.
I guess I would add that I would associate this as a later sign of MBD with adults or fair size chameleons. The body would more then likely reabsorb bones to stabilize the plasma and other various body functions rather then the other way around. I think ultimately this could be the actual cause of death in alot of these cases as the heart would more then likely start to misfire. If it misses to bad it will not start again on it's own.
Mine do it too. It's like a little shake when you get too close or you're just in their space. My veileds do it anyways, haven't seen anyone else do it.
That's good to hear.
Like I said, I don't think it's a problem just wanted to
see what others thought. (I love this forum!).
It's nothing like what Jordan describes and there are no signs
of MBD otherwise. I'm just guilty of being a fretful keeper, trying to keep on top of any possible problem.
Love to hear if anyone else has a veiled who does this.

Fractal does it too. It's like stretching and yawning kind of thing. When he first wakes. It' just a sudden jerk thingy, right? Epicenter in the necK mostly?
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