Show me your "Designer" enclosures!


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Hello all,

I was hoping to see some "designer" enclosures; high-end showpieces.

Some general ideas:
1) Appropriate for a chameleon preferably, but other animals are ok too.
2) Preferably live plants
3) Aesthetically landscaped/arranged; UNIQUE water features
4) Frame of enclosure itself "looks" like furniture/blends with decor (NO visible wires, pots, or other "unnatural" things)
5) Design features: tool-less disassembly; hidden wire pathing; removable liners/trays; hidden/invisible maintenance access or storage; cleaning/maintenance designs in general, etc.
6) Unique placement features (in-the-wall design, free-range, etc).

NOTE: You obviously don't need to have any/all of these, its just to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.

NOTE2: Zoo enclosures and the like don't count. We are talking about private enclosures that are kept at home.

very nice! I like the multi-door design.

although I think I would have used a solid piece of wood on the bottom to hide the pots :p

Are you using a misting system? I don't see any did you hide it/where is your reservoir?
right now all we have is the stupid habba mist which is an exspensive dripper haha im either going to use a fountain pumpwith some tubing with some holes in it or im gonna break down and buy a mist king lol yeah after building it did i realize it would have looked better wood on the bottom door and wood on top to cover all the lights but thanks for checking it out :D
Just a couple of pics after my re vamp on discovering waterfalls were a no go for chams, i'll have to get some more updated pics to as these images were before i introduced all my branches, twigs ect so looks pretty bare

Just waiting on the exo terra monsoon to be released and abit of modifying for drainage and im pretty much there :D
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