should I use a humidifier?


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So ill be running a low profile raindome probably every 2 to 3 hours for about 2 to 3 mins but my crested cham requires very high humidity so would it benefit his health ho have a humidifier in the room with him as well? if so should I keep it close to his cage or will it make a difference? and what kind of humidifier?


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Do you have a hygrometer to measure the room RH?

I would use a humidifier if its below 50%.

Depending on the size of the room, an average size living room needs a large,
9 or 10gal humidifier to keep the RH high all the time.
You may be able to get by with a few small ones if you place them near the

First thing you need though is a good quality, reliable hygrometer ;)


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Well the cham would require 80 to 100 percent humidity but can indeed go as low as 60% and with a rain dome goin every two hours with water tray at the bottom I think thatll be enough during the day so at night I wanna run a humidifier! I'm in an apartment so living space isn't stuped big lol I think ur right about 5 or 10 gallons tho lol and there is a temp/ humidity ready at home depot for like 5 bucks and its all digital lol I think ill try that one out!
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