should I get a chameleon if I play sports

What does you playing sports have to do with a Cham?

Time spent away from home is what I assumed the OP was referring to. My daughter is in track, basketball, and field hockey. She would NEVER have the time to care for a chameleon while balancing those sports and homework. It's a good thing you are thinking it through:)


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Agreed, do consider if you have the time. Though we do not know the hours you will have like you do, it is deffinatly something you will need to figure out.


Well, I am a single mom, I work full time, and go to school part time and I manage to take care of my boy Rebel. You just have to be organized and plan out the care of the chameleon. Make sure you do a lot of research on which one you want and make sure you have the time required to properly take care it. Also, if you are away during the day make sure you have a dripper and a mist system of some sort if needed to maintain proper humidity. Keep asking questions on this forum. It is a great place to get correct information. From my experience, pet stores are not the best place to get care information. :)
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