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If you live in Arizona never go to this place! [link removed]

I went there because they said they had Veilds, Jackson's and Panthers and just about no pet store in AZ sells panthers and they said they could beat any other pet stores prices. And when I got there they wanted $650 bucks for a 2 month old baby panther! I don't know about anybody else but that is just way too much. I've seen 500 dollar ones online but there are like 6 months old. I was just trying to go with the safe route of not having to ship a Cham because of how stressfull it could be but there is no way I am paying that much. If anyone else knows of a pet store in Arizona that sells panthers Plz let me know. Thanks!
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Chameleons get shipped all the time and actually fare very well. They put them in either deli cups or sacks and they basically just go to sleep. I asked Kammerflage Kreations(who shipped me two chameleons from California to Fla) and they said in all their years of shipping chameleons which is like over 30 years they have only lost a few chameleons. You should buy from them. you live in AZ and it would not be too bad of a trip for the chameleon. I know they have to be overnighted and the shipping is not cheap!! You could still get a chameleon for around $350-400 with shipping from them.
I got mine from Curt of EpicChameleons. Got a 3 1/2 month old RB ambilobe for $265 shipped. Very professional and easy to work with. He even helped me with my terrarium before I even got the chameleon. He's also one of the site sponsors here. His screen name here is Imcurt if you want to send him a message.
Or you could keep an eye out for a reptile show in your area and shop there. I got mine at one in Hatfield Pa, and kinda did want a panther, even though expensive either way, they didn't have any and I got a veiled juvi. I was going to buy a baby, but for one they were soo tiny, yet very active and friendly, two, I would have needed some real small crickets for him and had some close to half inch already. I am somewhat regreting not getting the baby, he would have been lost in the 18x18x36 cage I have now. They guy I was going to buy it from, well,they were his friends, was the same guy that my sis and I got our beardies from years back. He is now doing dart frogs and got out of dragons because they are everywhere now. They were f1 parents were from yemen and first clutch from them.
Yeah shipping is no big deal. I had two chams shipped from Virginia to Cali with no problems. I got mine from Vince at screameleons, he's the best. But, you do live in AZ, if you do ship an animal, do it before the summer heat.
not sure what is the best place.. i bought my rb panther from chameleon company in florida...the owner is jim f. he is a very perfesional guy..he helped me set up cage and talked to me about a cham a whole week before i even paid for the lil guy...and as far as prices wow he was really reasonable...i only paid 240 shipped..and im pretty sure he has been in this buisness for pretty much his whole life...i know their are a lot of breeders that are very good people...but this is the only one that i found to be really reasonable on prices..when i got the cham he was very healthy and well took care of.:D
in reference to jannb's post...
that breeder seems like a real good guy along with
having some lovely chams. if i ever get panther
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