She's holding a clutch...


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now im trying to find out when exactly can eggs be fertilized... we already have three successful clutches incubating and we gave my girl six months to chill... but before we could get her and her sire together she began to develop another clutch... can this clutch be fertilized if we put them together and they successfully breed? or should we just wait til the next time she's gravid?
All info will be greatly appreciated and i would like to thank all who help in advance....
Are you talking about a panther? If so they can lay several fertile clutches from one mating. When was the last clutch laid?

You can try putting them together long as she's receptive to the male but the clutch she's working on won't likely be all fertile....maybe all infertile. Hard to tell.
yes, thank you i am talking about a panther and it has been two months since she laid a clutch, but it has been nearly ten six months since she has laid a fertile clutch. the first time we bred her she laid three fertile clutches, where the third wasn't completely fertile... so if i understand correctly if she's receptive then maybe some of these will be fertile. Okay thank you that makes allot of sense.
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