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How often do male veileds shed?
When should I expect a shedding to occur with mine?
He's roughly 3 weeks old.
Also, someone pointed out the black spot on Camo's tail (if you look at my avatar you can probably see it) and mentioned that it may have been a bite from a sibling, and said that it may cause an issue whem he sheds,
my question is, what kind of problem can it cause, and how would I deal with it?
They usually shed every month as babies. Amy shed every month until she got to 6 months, and since then she sheds every 3 months or so. Three weeks seems a little too young to be selling chameleons to me - most don't go to their new homes until at least 3 months old once they are eating and shedding well.
I dunno what age is good for selling, but thats how young, you can tell also by my avatar pic. but hes doing really well. so...

thanks for the shedding info
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