Is there anything special I should be doing while hes shedding? More s
misting? Less misting? Should I assist? He's not interested in eating which I assume is normal while he sheds. Thanks in advance.

BTW, some info:
2 mo old male BB Ambilobe Panther purchased from KammerFlage at the Pomona show.
All you can do is mist & more mist. At that age he will most likely shed within one day. I would not even try to assist him, it is too easy hurt him.
In my admittedly limited experience, shedding is a common reaction to a new home.

As Laurie says, mist, mist, mist. Don't help. The only reason to ever get involved in a shed is if something seems stuck around a limb or the tail. Even if there seems to be something stuck somewhere, if it's not constricting anything, let it go. It will come off in the next shed.
everything went fine. just let nature take its course and he had most of it shed in a few hours. once most was off including the big piece stuck to his forehead, :D, his appetite was back big!


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